Programs in the NeuroDesign program follow the proven BioDesign methodology, and train participants in a six-stage development process that forms the cornerstone of their entrepreneurial journey. The Neurotech Entrepreneurs Workshop provides teams of students with a starting set of clinical observations and then helps them through the Invent and Implement stages.  Participants are placed in teams of four, working hard over three days to finalize the need statement, generate concepts, and develop a business model.  Fellows will gain the skills to transform ideas into products and products into businesses through this program

Stage 1: Needs Finding

During this time, fellows will shadow patients and caregivers, attend rounds, and observe cases in the clinic, operating rooms, procedural areas, intensive care units and wards with the goal to identify unmet clinical needs. 

Stage 2: Needs Screening

During this time, fellows will engage in significant customer discovery related to validation of need with the goal to prioritize and filter unmet needs.

Stage 3: Concept Generation

During this time, fellows will  brainstorm solutions to the needs they previously identified previously.

Stage 4: Concept Screening

During this time, fellows will screen their generated concepts for commercial viability.

Stage 5: Strategy Development

During this time, fellows will develop and integrate intellectual property, regulatory, reimbursement, clinical, quality to take their two ideas forward.

Stage 6: Business Planning

During this time, fellows will select a final idea that will go forward and develop a plan for that technology, which could include the creation of a start-up company.